Photo & Art Restoration Services in Perth

We will help you retain those fading memories by injecting new life into your old photographs.

Norvek offers premium high-end photo and art restoration facilities. Our extremely experienced team will precision scan your photo prints and digitally enhance them, bringing them back to life. These valuable keepsakes need to be restored and maintained. We can do that for you, as well as bringing your artwork back to life.

Restoring images not only allows you to retain those memories, but also makes for great gifts. We can copy and print your restored pictures onto canvas or art paper, enlarge them, mount and frame them. If you prefer we can digitise them for you to use on your digital frames at home.

If your old photos are badly damaged our high-tech equipment allows us to edit and manipulate the images; reviving your heritage so you can, in turn, pass it down for generations to come.

Unpack your old photos and art gathering dust somewhere and bring them to Norvek where we will bring your history back to life.