About Norvek Framers & Location Photography

We are your framing, printing and photographic solution.

Established in 2008, Norvek first focused on photography and printing. As our business grew we realised that framing was needed as an integral part of our services. Originally this was outsourced but as our client base continued to expand, we opened an onsite studio and employed a reputable and highly experienced framer with a keen eye for design, style, moulding and matt board selection.

Specialising in excellent production and service, we are recognised for our quality of work. At Norvek we understand the importance of capturing memories for posterity, which is why our trained professionals will walk you through the process.


Our efficient team have years of combined experience and industry knowledge. All Norvek projects are overseen by staff with degrees in Fine Arts, framing design, landscaping, and 40 years of experience in commercial and technical photography.

All our in-house facilities are well-equipped and materials are sourced from leading suppliers. A combination of Italian precision cutters, Swiss mat cutters, French under-pinners, and great experience, means that we only specialise in service excellence.

By staying up-to-date with industry trends we offer restoration services for all your photo and art requirements. Don’t let your memories fade into obscurity when we can help you. Our in-house editing department will restore life to your vintage pictures.

Why Us?

At Norvek we love what we do and by keeping abreast of the latest trends we are able to advise and provide the best framing set-up for prints from your photo shoot, or from photos and art you supply to us for retouching, restoration or treatment.

Our friendly and efficient staff have years of combined experience and industry knowledge in art and design, framing, printing and photography. Because our experience affords us the insight into how important it is to capture those moments, we offer a personalised and complete service for all clients by walking you through the process. Your satisfaction with the final Norvek product is paramount.

All your framing, printing and photography needs are our priority, and our service excellence is guaranteed. Peruse our site and see why Norvek Framers & Photographics is the recommended choice.